Psychotherapist Claudia Haag in Zürich

Psychological Counseling, Life Coaching & Couples Therapy

Claudia Haag

lic.phil. Psychologist / Psychotherapist FSP

Individuals and couples

Online Video Sessions or in person in Zürich.

English, German, Spanish

Psychological Counseling & Coaching for Individuals, Couples and Families

Psychological advice – Counseling - Supervision – Coaching – Prevention - Self-awareness - Diagnostic evaluation – Crisis consulting - spiritual counseling - coaching for HPU/KPU and food allergies, plant medicine - Microbiome analysis, SIBO. Online video sessions possible.

Psychological advice, Counseling & Coaching

I offer psychological counselin & coaching for adolescents, adults, families and couples. If you are looking for a change in your life, if you are going through a crisis, if you want to get to know yourself better and understand your patterns and reactions better, I can help you. I guide you to accept and love yourself and to have better relationships.


Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

I can help you with various problems such as:

• Life crisis

• Relationship problems

• Spiritual path and experiences with plant medicine

• Sexual-related issues

• Problems at work

• Family problems

• Grief

• Fears, anxiety

• low threshold Depression, suicidal tendencies and Burnout

• Low self-esteem 

• Feelings of guilt and/or shame

• Obsessions

• Migration and integration into Swiss society

• Study problems and lack of concentration

• Coaching for digital nomads and people that want to be digital nomads.

Psychotherapeutin Claudia Haag in Zürich

• Self-harm

• Pain, chronic pain

• Restrictive patterns and habits

• Acceptance of yourself and a better understanding of your reactions

• Illnesses, cancer, chronic illness

• Looking for meaning in life

• Looking for change

• General unhappiness

• Identity problems, identity crisis

• Abuse (sexual, physical, psychological)

• Weight problems, allergies, special nutrition advice

• HPU/KPU guidance

• Spiritualcounseling

• Preparation and integration of experiences with Ayahuasca and other plants.

• Digestion problems, Microbiome analysis and SIBO testing.

About me - Claudia Haag, Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Life Coach in Zürich

I am a psychologist and a certified psychotherapist. In over 10 years of my work experience I have helped many people and couples to solve their problems and to have better relationships.

I was trained in the field of systemic and solution-focused therapy. My approach is resource-oriented and I believe that every person is an expert for his or her own solution. My role is to help you heal and find your happiness.

My own life journey has confronted me with some difficult situations and decisions. Going through a life crisis made me learn important lessons and I had to work on myself and my relationships. I am grateful for every experience, as it made me grow and become a better therapist. The universe is guiding me and I learned to trust and feel more in peace with everything. I let go my fears and learned to trust myself, love myself and accept myself fully.

Being connected to nature is really important to me and I go through life with a mindful and grateful attitude.

I love my life and my job as a psychotherapist, psychologist and Life Coach and want to guide others to reach the same. I help you to find out what makes you happy and support you on your life journey. Dare to break out of the box and live the life you really want!

I offer therapy and coaching sessions in German, English and Spanish. Also I offer online sessions via zoom or whatsapp calls.

In case you need to cancel a session, you have to do it 48h before. Otherwise the session needs to be paid. The sessions are not covered by health insurance.

Client Testimonials


Claudia Haag has guided me in a competent and professional way. With her empathetic kind she helped me to reflect myself and to find my way out of a crisis. I especially appreciated the therapy sessions outside in nature. I always felt understood and I can highly recommend her.


Mrs Haag is a competent, professional and empathic Psychotherapist. I feld very understood by her and she has helped and supported me in an excellent way. I can highly recommend her with all my heart.

Loritz Lichel:

I had a very good experience with Mrs Haag and I feld very comfortable. The consultation was at eye level and i felt inspired for my future.

Vanja Klimes:

Claudia Haag really is a great therapist and coach and knows how to help her clients. I can highly recommend her. Book your session with her as soon as possible.   

Roger C.:

Claudia Haag is a very professional and friendly therapist and psychologist. She knows how to ask you the right questions  in difficult moments and also knows when to give you space.

I already have done therapy with various other therapists, but they could not help me and it had no sustainable effect.

Claudia Haag not only helped me out of my crisis with her methods, but she also has made me work on myself and grow personally to become a better version of myself.

M. Bryde:

Very competent professional. Ms Haag helped me with state-of the art methods to go through my crisis, explore life from a different angle and re-gain self-confidence. I thus had to work on myself, which had a tremendous & lasting impact on my personality, strengths and attitude towards life.

Keith Mitchell59:

So many things I can say about Claudia, she has taken her journey to depths where many wouldn't dare to go. From her journey she has complied so much knowledge to share with her gained expertise of psychotherapy and analysis inorder to compile what I feel a complete interpretation of the mind and to the extent we can transform and heal. She is a gift to humanity and im looking for continued success for this woman!

Francisca “Frankie” Stewart:

She was very friendly and personable, very easy to talk to and she made me comfortable with opening up.

Hans Leidescher:

Claudia is a great therapist, she guides you and gives you the right tools to improve and develop yourself. I specially value her honesty and direct communication which are also fundamental for a successful treatment. I speak with her in Spanish, German and English and feel highly comfortable with her in any language.